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About the Author

Mary N. Oluonye is a gifted children's author who has written fiction, nonfiction, and biographies for kids. She also reviews children's books. Her books focus on multicultural people and stories from around the world. She believes that we all need to be more aware of the world by learning about people different from ourselves. In this way, we can live as better global citizens.

Two Cultures

As a Nigerian-American, living in two different countries and cultures was a great way to grow up. It made me very interested in learning about different people and places, and respectful of people and their cultures and traditions. Even as a young person, I realized that when people are not informed, they can often develop wrong, or pre-conceived beliefs and attitudes about people and customs different from themselves. So, it is no surprise that the first book I wrote was about Nigeria, followed by books on South Africa and Madagascar. Then I took a long break from writing books, but continued writing articles and book reviews. In 2008, I wrote a biography about African-American inventor, Garrett Morgan, Garrett Augustus Morgan: Businessman, Inventor, Good Citizen, and in 2010 co-wrote a book with Virginia K. Schoelch, The Day The Library Didn't Open, about Daylight Savings Time.

Writing Career

In 2008, Mary N. Oluonye started writing books again beginning with a biography of African-American inventor Garrett Morgan. Oluonye continues to write books introducing children to people, places, and cultures. She speaks in schools, workshops and conferences to both children and adults and frequently reviews books and audiobooks for children, young adults, and teens. Her reviews appear in School Library Journal™. She is currently writing a nonfiction book for adults.